Reasons for Hypertension

Even though what causes essential (primary) hypertension are unknown to many in our medical buddies, scientific study has provided some guidance.

When doctors say they do not know what can cause primary hypertension, they mean they are fully aware of no germs or pathological conditions that cause this kind of high bloodstream pressure.

Thus, their suggested treatment becomes mainly which drug to prescribe, things to avoid, and just what lifestyle and nutritional changes to create.

My bloodstream pressure was once 170/85. When my physician learned that, he apparently freaked out. He put me on the common bloodstream pressure drug and explained that ordinary bloodstream pressure would be a factor of my past, not to return again.

But, my body system is really a biological machine, I figured. What did I understand about machines? I understood when I place the wrong stuff into my vehicle (a piece of equipment) and did not alter the oil, it might fill with gunk and wouldn’t work right.

Is the same be the case with physiques? I requested myself.

I believe I acquired the best answer. It isn’t complicated – place the wrong stuff within the biological machine (body) and just what are you aware – gunk!

The gunk clogs the arterial blood vessels – gums in the works – and results in many difficulties in pumping bloodstream efficiently. You’ve probably heard of plaque, fatty deposits and the like things. This really is gunk. It comes down from putting foods that cause problems and non-foods into our physiques. This is not speculation. Strong connections exist between some types of food and arterial deposits.

What about these connections: caffeine and bloodstream pressure, alcohol and bloodstream pressure, smoking and bloodstream pressure, salt and hypertension?

Every one of these can elevate or intensify hypertension.


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