Laser Optics Windows

Laser rays are harmful and need to be contained to avoid direct contact with them but in a case where they need to be employed especially in optics, the laser Optics Windows are needed. A laser safety window is used in some cases instead of a standard window in laser processing. Laser Optics are used in laser windows and this corporation for laser optics research color is used in a wide range of instruments like material processing and beam steering. In laser Optics Windows, a specific substrate, coating, or a combination of the two is used to provide better performance at a specific laser wavelength or over a wide range of wavelengths. Laser optic windows provide a high transmission level of a different wavelength. It can be used either in laser transmission applications or laser safety applications. It can be used to isolate a particular laser wavelength or beam of choice. Some laser windows are available for laser transmission purposes while some are used for laser blocking windows. For the safety aspect, the laser optic window is created as an environment or medium that controls, contains, or guides the laser rays thereby creating a safe environment to view. The choice of laser window varies from one use to another, you can choose to use it for laser blocking or laser transmission purposes depending on the application.

Types Of Laser Optics Windows

Curved Windows (Plano-Concave)

This optic window has one concave surface and the other surface is a flat surface. It has a negative focal length and is used for beam expansion, expansion of an optical system focal length, and light projection. This lens is a biconcave which is often used to expand light beam or to the focal length of an optical device.

Curved Windows (Plano-Convex)

This lense is used to focus parallel beams to a single point for example Plano-convex lenses are used in eyeglasses to address this issue, where the distance between the eye’s lens and the retina is short.  Eyeglasses with convex lenses increase the glass’ refraction and reduce the focal length. The curved surface (convex) surface has a focusing effect on the light while the plain surface does not have. This optic lens supplier comes two surfaces, a plain surface, and a convex surface, they both function together by focusing parallel light rays to a positive focal point.

Elliptical Windows

It is a parallel optical lens that comes with two surfaces, the polished part makes it not have any effect on the incident light. This window is mostly used in a digital Videotape recorder, digital camera, gadgets with touch screens, etc.

Flat Round  Windows

This window is from a very high-quality UV grade fused silica and BK7 glasses with an optically polished surface. It is mostly used in substrates of mirrors and beam splitters, isolation of different physical environments, and beam sampling.

Flat Round Windows

This functions mainly by transmitting light(windows), reflecting light(mirrors), and folding light(prism).

Flat Rectangular Window

Rectangular optical windows have a high optical transmission with little distortion of the transmitted signal.

Precision Thin Round Windows

The Precision thin round windows are made from UVFS, BK7, and not surfaces are polished Parallelism is up to 30 arcsec.

Laser Blocking(Laser Safety) Window

A laser safety window or laser blocking window is used for safety against laser while allowing to see through the system without having direct contact with the laser. They are employed in some space agencies,  military, and safety agencies especially in the U.S.

Laser Transmission Window

The parallel laser light beam which is collimated traveling guided through Laser Line Windows provides exceptional transmission of desired wavelengths while effectively reflecting unwanted wavelengths. High power versions of Laser Line Windows are also available for higher energy laser applications where higher damage thresholds are needed.


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