Things that make buying Instagram followers not worth it

Buying Instagram followers is not always a good idea for it has more risks than benefits. I would prefer if you start building your own account with real followers than buying followers. It might take time yeah but then if you use the right way to get followers then it is worth it. When you have an account that is filled with real accounts, you will get a higher level of engagement from the followers. The people that will follow you will also be real people from your specific niche. These people will be your followers because they made the decision to follow you involuntarily because they liked you and the brand you represent. Let us take a look at some of the things that make it not worthwhile to buy Instagram followers.

Low engagement and low credibility

Bought followers are usually fake followers since they are not active in any way. They don’t like, comment or share your contents leave alone visiting your other ways they are just there like a statue adding nothing to your account. For high engagement, you need to build trust and a strong connection with followers for them to engage your page and contents. Your social credibility always depends on how your Instagram profile and contents are engaged. If you have low engagement then automatically you will not have social credibility. Real followers on Instagram will dislike you for taking a shortcut to get where you are. They will feel like you are not for real and will not want to associate themselves with your brand. In essence, buying followers loses you real follows while you chase fake ones.

No sales and unable to get partnership

You can never sell your products or services to fake followers since they don’t have that time to visit your website and check what you are offering. When real friends come to your page and realize your current follows aren’t active then will drop off also. Once a brand realizes that you have fake followers, they won’t accept any partnership with you. Brands are usually after engagement that they think you can provide them as a brand ambassador and not just the number of followers you have. They might even demand that you provide proof that you actually get the kind of engagement you claim to get. Therefore, if you are using fake followers, you might lose a lot of revenue.

Follower drop off

Sometimes, vendors of Instagram followers sell followers with real accounts. These kinds of followers are composed of real human beings. However, there is just one problem with these kinds of followers and that is, they may not necessarily be from your niche. Therefore, you will have many followers who want or have nothing to do with your course, product, service, or brand. Such followers usually just end up dropping off shortly after you acquire them. Therefore, you will have paid a lot of your money for nothing at all.